Monday, April 27, 2009

Rainy Day

It had been awhile since the lawn had been mowed and we seemed to be growing a plant we did not plant! This is a weed that grew taller then Ethan! I thought it was pretty. It had little yellow flowers on it that turned into seeds and blew away. I don't think I've ever seen a milkweed quite this tall!

Ethan is "learning" to use his spoon. I will dip it into whatever soft thing I might be eating to let him have a taste of it. He seems to know where it goes! I don't plan on starting him on solids until after 6 months. But he can have a little taste every now and then!

It is stormy and rainy outside today. We plan on not leaving the house!


Vicki Meyer said...

Ethan looks cute (surprise!) with a spoon. I did tell you, didn't I, that I wasn't going to feed Eli solids till 6 months either, but at about four or five months he grabbed spaghetti off my plate and began stuffing it in his mouth! He made a terrible mess, but he did eat it, mouthful after mouthful. Not an approved first food, but it didn't hurt him. Fairlight's first, at about the same age, was the top scoop of my coconut almond fudge ice cream cone. That was almost a worse mess, an even worse first food, and...sniff....there went half my ice cream.

Melissa said...

Ethan will already grab at my cup when I'm holding him. So that's why I got his cup out and started to teach him to use it!


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