Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our biggest Blowout EVER!!

Ethan had his biggest blowout he has ever had to date! We got up around 9am (I know, it was late) and Ethan had nursed around 7:30 so I knew he was not hungry. He always has a bm when he first wakes up so I put him in his crib until he was done. Well, he was happy in there for awhile and I got a few chores done around the house. Little did I know why he was so happy until I lifted him up and found this:

Yes, I know it was gross to take a picture of it. But it was his first big blowout. I had to have a record of it! I tried cleaning him up with wet wipes but that didn't work at all. In to the bath happily he went.


Kathy said...

Oh my...that is a blowout. That usually happens when you are dressed for church and on the way out the door. I have to say again, he really looks alot like you in that new picture on the front of the blog. I love it. He still favors his daddy too. He is a mixture of both.

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

I concur with Kathy. Ethan picked a much more convenient time than most of mine did. My (least) favorite was when I took baby Phil to a college orientation for aummer term and he proceeded to have one of those not only all over him but all over MY clothes. Fortunately, I had on a fairly thin cotton skirt and top. After I gave him a bath in the restroom sink (no convenient changing tables in college bathrooms), I left him to kick on a blanket on the floor while I washed my skirt, squeezed it as dry as I could, and put it back on. Not much choice there!

I think Ethan is definitely a mixture of you both as well, and certainly a wonderful baby!

JeeJee said...

He is so cute, even with poop on him. I miss him and wish I could see you all!!


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