Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Revenge of the Squirrels!!!!

This afternoon Ethan and I went for a walk in the backyard and this is what we found:
Our 2nd bird feeder and the Hummingbird feeder had been maliciously chewed down!!!!!! They attempted to chew through the cable wire holding up the sunflower seed feeder but didn't quite get through that one yet. I told Eli we are going to have to use some type of wire to hang them. Any idea what a squirrel can't chew through and you can buy at Home Depot?

I just don't understand why this year they are so interested it them. Last year they never touched them..... I've always love all animals, except for mean ones. I am now beginning to change my mind about the fuzzy rats that call themselves squirrels!

1 comment:

Vicki Meyer (grandma) said...

Thicker cable???

Eli probably told you his grandparents always had lots of problems with squirrels and bird feeders. (They never really solved them.) We, on the other hand, have lots of squirrels and Hannah has several bird feeders and they never bother them. But...we live where there is an abundance of natural squirrel food all around us.


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