Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Booth

Ethan and I ran up to the Mall today to visit my friend Andy at Express. I have been working there about once a month for their Floor Sets. I enjoy getting out of the house and talking to people about things other then babies, breastfeeding and diapers! The majority of the people (kids) working there are barely 18 so they talk about new movies, music and hot actors. We always have a good time and I get a good workout. The money is fun, too.
We walked by a photo booth and I couldn't help but stop to take a pic. They never give you enough time to get ready in these things! Ethan did not make it into the first one but did well for the last 3. This is the first photo booth I've been in in a long time. They give you two sets of prints now so you don't have to cut yours in half with your friend!

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Brandy said... cute.


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