Friday, August 21, 2009

Our week in Oklahoma

Ethan and I just spent the last week in Oklahoma visiting my family. We got to see Aunt Kathy and Uncle Rick, Karla and her kids lil earl and boo. Of course we saw Jee Jee and Grandpa Scotty and Grandma Billye. We had a great time and can't wait till we go back! lil earl and Ethan: both hams for the camera!!! (Yes, his teeth are blue)

Boo and Ethan having some play time

Karla and her first born.
Grandpa Scotty feeding the little boy.

Ethan's first "ride" on a Harley! (We almost set the alarm off for this pic!)
We went over every morning to see Grandma Billye. Ethan had a great time! He loved her fingers and kept trying to put his hands in her mouth. She always knows how to make him laugh! Ethan loved her soft, new carpet!

Ethan learned how to eat crackers while we were there. He's an old pro now!

We spent lots of time on the back porch. It was cool enough in the evenings to go outside. Unfortunately, the mosquitos thought so, too. They ate Ethan up! Ethan and I saw a rabbit in the front yard. Can you see him?
Well, he saw us! Here he is taking off.

Thanks for letting us visit!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures!!! We loved having you both!! Come again any time!
JeeJee and Grandpa Scotty

Brandy said...

great pictures. love the chubby ness!


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