Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Hot, really, really Hot.

It's August in South East Texas. It's hot. It's so hot when I hang my diapers outside my feet burn. I went 2 days without watering and all my plants are drying up.
We have given up on our produce plants. It's just too hot. I held on for a few weeks after Eli had given up. Then in the last week I, too, have given up. I'm going to keep watering the mint, basal, rosemary (it's still alive!) and few house plants, mostly because they are right by the house and it's easy to water in the morning or late evening.

I thought I took some photos of the plants before I let them die but I can't find them.
Here was a surprise I found hanging out in my mint! I'm use to the lizards running around but this is the first toad I've found in my plants. They are usually in the garden.
Stay cool everyone!

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