Thursday, January 21, 2010

1 Year Old!

Our little Ethan is 1 Year Old! Well, almost 13 months now. Sorry it took me so long for this post. I was waiting until we went to the Doctor for his 12 month check up so I could have some stats.

As of 1/15/10-

Weight- 21lbs 2.2oz 30%
Height- 29in 25% (much better then the 5% he was at last time)
Head- 46.5cm 50%

Ethan is on the move! At 12 months he was cruising around on all the furniture. He would rather stand against something then sit on the floor. He even attempted to stand without support several times while in Oklahoma. He still does his crab crawl when ever he wants to get somewhere really fast! And that seems to be most of the time.

He loves to open and shut doors and cabinets. Need a door closed? There's Ethan. Want to get into the fridge? Not happening if Ethan is near. Doors are to be closed, not open. But wait! The garage door opens out! Okay, no problem. He will just push it until it is open all the way and won't move then it's good.

He learned how to throw things and that they make a loud noise when they hit the kitchen floor. This is now a favorite past time, to see what toy makes the loudest noise. He will put toys into the buckets or one of my cooking pots but he would much rather take them out.

He still loves his Leap Frog Learning Center and now wants to play with it from the back side. It's a whole new world from that side!

We have been going to yoga once a week when he's not sick. He loves it! I told the Doctor and Ethan started jumping up and down when I said the word yoga.

He loves most all foods. Some of his favorites are: cheerios, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots, cottage cheese with pineapple, lots and lots of apples, bananas, avocados (mixed with bananas), strawberries, oatmeal, ham, roast, noodles, carrots, corn and animal crackers. Some that he doesn't like but we are still trying out: broccoli, cauliflower, green beans (he use to like them). He is still breastfed and nurses before every nap and twice at night.

And to chew all that food up he has 8 teeth! His 1 year molars are coming in very slowly. They've been right under the gums for at least a month now. I'm hoping they push their way through any day now.

He is going to sleep around 7pm, waking around midnight and again around 5am. I nurse him back to sleep both times and he wakes for the day around 7am. On some days he takes two naps, around 10 and again around 2. He has started moving to one nap, anywhere between 11 and 1. It just depends on the day and what we are doing.

He's not talking yet, but has several syllables he is working on. And believe me, when he wants something i.e. momma, he will let you know! He loves baths and does most of his "talking" in there.

The most Exciting News: This weekend he started standing up and taking a few steps!!! We tried to get it on video but it just wasn't happening. We will try again tonight and I will post it as soon as we get a good one.

I just can't believe it's been a whole year. This is such a great time to enjoy but it makes me sad to not have my little baby anymore. I guess it's time to have another on! To read Ethan's Birth story go here.


Brandy said...

Happy (late) birthday Ethan.

Grayson isn't really talking either.

and what does baby yoga entail?

Beccalynn said...

How precious! I do this too with my daughter. I do it weekly, though. It started when I was pregnant, I'd update every week with a picture of my growing belly, and then I just couldn't stop once she was born! I think we'll look back on these one day and be so thankful that we kept a record. Happy Birthday to Ethan!!!

Anonymous said...

He IS still a baby!! Really, all kids are babies, even when they are grown!! When they want their mama!!
Love you all,
Grandma JeeJee
P.S. I have sent Ethan two new Veggies in the mail! Hope he likes them.(and you too!)

Jackie at 3littleones said...

Happy Birthday!!!! He looks so cute - my little girl will be 1 at the end of January - it's amazing how fast a year goes by, huh?

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2 ... Now 3) said...

so cute. Happy birthday

lovemylevi said...

What a sweetie pie! They grow wayyy too fast. My LO is almost 1 1/2! I see you cloth diaper, I have an event coming up that you might be interested in! You can check it out here--> Following your blog now!


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