Monday, January 11, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

I have discovered it is very hard to diet with Eli around. He, like me, loves food. Good food with lots of fat and sugar in it. My first week of the Challenge went so well because he was away at a conference so I was able to eat when and what I wanted. This week with him home has been a bit.....well, a real challenge!

But here I am with my first Meal Plan and I think it's going to be pretty good.

Sunday- Crock-pot Roast, potatoes and carrots
Monday- Pot Pie from my new cookbook (thanks Vicki!) The Pioneer Woman Cooks (Not Low Fat but Very Tasty!)
Tuesday- Turkey Burgers w/Tex Mex Sweet and Red Potatoes, Salad (Low Fat, recipe coming soon!)
Wednesday- Spaghetti Bolognese (Low Fat, recipe coming soon!)
Thursday- Chicken Fingers w/ Honey Mustard Sauce, oven Potatoes (Low Fat, recipe coming soon!)
Friday- Leftovers
Saturday- Stuffed Peppers (Low Fat w/Chicken and brown rice) + some sort of side?

Now, if I can just keep Eli from making another Chocolate Cream Pie.......


Brandy said...

you are making me hungry. yummm.

Brandy said...

oh and i totally get the husband sabotage. I lost tons of weight while my husband was overseas in the airforce and would start gaining it back the day he got home.

Melissa said...

I totally hear ya on the husband thing...mine could live off of ice cream and he never gains a's discouraging!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!! You have wonderful low fat cooking! I wish you here cooking for me!! Tell Eli to make the chocolate pie for date night once a month!!

Vicki said...

I just eat less (when I think about it; I ate the "normal" amount of tacos tonight and forgot I was going to only eat one...). My husband can sabotage any diet too although he's learning to eat less as he gets older because, as he says regretfully, his stomach's getting smaller. Funny, I'm the same age and haven't noticed that yet. It's what I'm aiming for!! (In a different way, of course.)

Green Mama said...

Oh, yumm, all sounds so delicious. I'd love some of your recipes. I also love the mean planning. Maybe I'll get myself together enough to plan out our family meals for the week...but I'd love your suggestions!


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