Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Big Boy Unders

I like to put Ethan in Big Boy Unders after his bath to let his bum air out. He likes them, too! Is it time to start potty training?


Vicki said...

No harm trying to "catch" him, especially if his poops are consistently timely. You never know, he just might get the idea and think it's fun!

Based on 38 years of parenting and 9 kids who have been all over the map on toilet training, I think it's easier between 1 and 2 than later, after they've learned to say no.

Besides, he looks so cute in big boy underwear!


Ammie said...

Oh, he looks adorable!

Meg said...

What a good idea! I might have to use that idea when Caleb gets to be that age :) What a cutie you have!

Anonymous said...

How cute he looks in those "big boys"!!! He is sooo very smart, it probably would work, especially if Eli can show him how!


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