Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Body After Baby: Week 3


Last week went much better for me. I lost 1.8lbs bringing my total for the BAB Challenge to 5.4lbs!! I think it helped that Eli went back to work and I had all my meals planned out. Oh, and he didn't make a Chocolate Cream Pie this week. He made Blackberry Cream Cheese Tarts! And I might have eaten a few.....

It was a no go on last weeks Challenge: How many sit ups can you do? I did: 0. I just kept forgetting ;) Really, I would remember after I had already got into bed at night and I was not getting out of bed to do sit ups. But I did go to yoga on Saturday. I'm still not drinking enough water but I am trying. Now that I'm sick, I don't feel like doing any exercise but I will try to go to yoga again on Saturday and we are going to meet up with a friend to go to the park.

This weeks question: Why do you want to lose weight and/or get healthier? What is your motivation? I could go real deep with this question or real light. Right now I want to be at my goal weight before Eli and I start TTC (We are going to start after March to avoid another December baby! I don't want them all to be born in the same month:). It will make things easier on my body and easier to lose the weight after the baby is born. I also want to follow the WW plan while pregnant to avoid gaining too much weight. In the long run, I want to not obsess about my weight so I don't pass that bad habit along to my kids. I want to be able to undress in front of my husband and not be ashamed (totally not his doing, all me). I want to be able to enjoy food in reasonable amounts without over indulging and gaining weight; that only comes with practice and willpower.

I made a really great soup last week:

Broccoli and Potato Soup

2T butter

1 Onion, chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1lb potatoes, cubed

1 bag broccoli (I also used some cauliflower)

3c chicken broth

3c water

1/2 low fat milk

1/2 grated Parmesan cheese

salt and pepper (white if you've got it)

Heat butter in a pot big enough for all your ingredients. Cook onion and garlic until transparent. Add potatoes, broccoli, broth and water. Cook until vegs are soft. Blend until smooth ( I used my immersion blender). Add milK and cheese. Cook until melted. You could leave out some of the broccoli until after you blended it up, just add it in and cook a bit longer before adding milk and cheese.

This soup was yummy!! I guessed it at 2 points per 1/2 cup and my Mom agreed that sounded about right.

Fiber 1 just came out with a new 90 cal bar that is only 1 point! It is smaller than the regular Fiber 1 bar (3 points). You can get the full size Target brand Fiber bar and it is only 2 points.

I hope you all had a great week and can't wait to read about it! Go to Mama Notes for more BAB.


Nicol said...

Good job on the weight lose! Keep it up!

Krystal said...

i didn't think the sit-ups were last week's challenge... i think that was just an example, wasn't it? or maybe i misread. oh well!

awesome job on the loss! you're doing a fantastic job!

please send some soup my way! it's cold here in michigan and that sounded really good!!

Brandy said...

yay for you and those 5 lbs! good job even sans sit ups.

Ammie said...

The soup sounds yummy! These are great reasons to want to become more fit. I especially like your point about how self-consciousness influences the way our children think about themselves.

Melissa said...

That soup sounds yummy! And I totally can relate to all of your motivation for wanting to lose! I'm right there with ya! Great progress so far!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are feeling bad! Good job on the weight!! I love you.
P.S. No pictures yet of the little man walking!!

Katie @ thinkPINK said...

Great job on your loss!!

heyfreckles said...

Way to go!

The Bartlett Family said...

5 pounds?!?!?! You go girl =) Good job!


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