Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Body After Baby: Week 4


I lost 5.4lbs last week bringing my total weight loss to 10.8lbs!! Before you get all excited, I was sick from Thursday and I'm still recuperating. I had temp on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, spending the whole day Saturday in bed. I still ate but not a lot. I'm on my way to recovering so hopefully I can at least keep what I lost off this week.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite healthy snack? I love chips and salsa so I make pita chips (one pita is 1 point, salsa free). I love nuts but they are very high in points because of all the (good) fat. Popcorn is great! I think the main thing is only having a snack size portion. If I was to take a bowl of salsa and a bag of chips to the couch I would eat half the bag! So I make sure to only dish out the portion I am allotted to eat.

My shopping Tip of the week is to always take your slide to the store with you. Don't be afraid to pull it out and figure out the points value of something you're going to buy. You might be surprised at how many or how little points something may have! It will also help you only bring food into your home that are low points so you won't be tempted to "just have a little" of that high point food!

I'm not much for copying down recipes this week but I will share an easy, low point way to make pizza.

1 Pita Bread- I find a 1point per piece at Wal*Mart. It has flax seed in it.

2T Pizza sauce

Topping- bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, anything "free" of points!

Low Fat mozzarella

Put your pita bread on a cookie sheet and spray with cooking spray to make the edges crisp. Coat with pizza sauce and any spices. Top with free toppings and add a little cheese. If I don't put any toppings that have points in them I count this as 4 points. If you put any meat you will need to add points.

These are so much better then the frozen diet pizzas! The pita's are also good to tear up and crisp in the oven for chips to use with your favorite dip, salsa or beans.

Run over to Mama Notes and see how everyone else did this week!


Anonymous said...

I have made those pizzas before!! I love them and forgot about them. I will try them again.

bass family said...

Good job!! So sorry you've been sick. NO FUN! Especially for a mama. But I have heard the joke, "I'm just one stomach bug away from my goal weight" haha :) Feel better soon, and keep up the good work!


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