Thursday, March 4, 2010

14 months and Growing

It's hard to believe that Ethan is 14 months already.
Now I know what "Time Flies" really means.
Every day he becomes less like a baby,

and more like a little boy.

Every day I see some new part of his
little (big) personality.
He's learning new things every day and repeating things he learned.
When we get up in the mornings I bring him to our bed to nurse. Afterward he crawls off the bed feet first and heads to the TV cabinet doors to shut them
then to my hope chest to flip the handle up and down
and then to the DVD shelf to push them one at a time as if they were buttons on a toy.
He has learned that he is not allowed to pull them down.

How funny he is! And so happy.
When we go to Mommy and Baby groups
he's always the baby walking around "talking" to himself and every one around him.
But he always comes back to Mommy every now and then to check in.

Can't you just hear him saying "Yea, Yea, Yea!"or "La, La, La"?
He loves to talk to himself in the mirror to watch his mouth move.
He loves to stick his fingers in every one's mouth to touch their teeth!
He now loves to be read to and even goes into his room during the day to "read" to himself!
I read to him after dinner and again while he is in the bath tub.
We are learning animal noises.

Oh, what fun little boys are!


Carly said...

Little boys are so much fun :)
Cute Pictures:0

Dee said...

what a cutie. They grow up too fast!!!!

Brandy said...

he's just so cute. I want to eat his cheeks!

Michelle said...

AHHH!!!! What a lovely post....and a document to his babyhood. I love looking back on mine and seeing how they've changed.

Shanilie said...

Boys really are so much fun! I love his beautiful smile!

Annie said...

Oh wow!! Happy 14 months to Ethan - he sure is getting big fast!! I love those pictures, what a doll :)

GrapeApe said...

Great post Lissa. He's getting so big. I miss you guys.

Vicki said...

When we looked at this post, Joshua said, "We need one of those? Can we adopt one from Haiti?"

I think we're going to love being with you guys and especially Ethan at the beach this summer. I just wish we lived closer so we could see him more often.

Can I send him a couple new books?

Anonymous said...

What a tribute to mommies and babies everywhere! He is such a doll!! You and Eli are such good parents! Ethan is such a lucky little boy!
Mom (JeeJee)


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