Monday, March 15, 2010

A Year of Cloth Diapering-Part 1

We have been Cloth Diapering Ethan for one year this month! I must say I have learned LOTS of things about the different types of cloth diapers and the care of cloth diapers in the last year. There is more information out there about CD then you could ever learn! And just when you think you know everything, WHAM! Something happens and your back on your favorite sites trying to find an answer. The world of CDing mothers is so great and supportive. I have learn so much from other mothers experience and have made many new online friends.

Here is my first post after we started CDing. We didn't start CD until Ethan was 2 months old. The only CD's we had were 15 BG 3.0 one size in white and they were way too big for his little 6lb 13oz! The next time around we will start from the beginning because I already know what I'm doing and I will be better prepared with newborn fluff. I've already started my stash!

I love that the first photo I have of Ethan in a CD is one where Eli is changing him! A lot of mothers complain that their husbands don't like to change their CD but Eli has always been on board. He hasn't ever washed them but I don't think I want him too! I'm happy to keep that responsibility. He does spray them down with the poop sprayer and put them into the diaper can:)I love the pear shape it gave him at first. He was so skinny!

I saw this photo and thought how funny it was that he was wearing his BG's on the second setting back in April 09 because he is still on that same setting! The "One Size" really will last until potty training.
Then I saw this and thought maybe they should have been a little tighter! This was defiantly mommy error.
Ahhh... I love CD laundry....all white BG 3.0.Getting chunkier and still on the same setting!

My great garage sale find! Infant prefolds and Bummis covers. I still have the covers and they could use some new velcro but I've sold all the prefolds and the no name covers. We just don't have the prefold love. I kept the other covers to use over fitteds.

Our first new Thirstie's cover in Med. It still fits today!

Used Thirsties cover in Small. Love these but the elastic around the leg is shot. As soon as I come across some Fold Over Elastic I'm going to fix them.
Mudshrimp cover.

Used Thirsties cover Small.

Super Froggy Baby!

Sunning my now colorful stash in July! Don't you love all that Texas dead grass? I added 3 yellow Tiny Tush, 2 Sassy Cloth fitteds and a Sassy Cloth cover that I love!

I'm sad to say this is the best pic I have of Ethan in his Winkydinks fleece cover. Because it is sized he won't ever get to wear it again. But who knows? Our next may be a boy!This is the second time I bought used diapers on line. I had good luck the first time but this time I got a BG 3.0 in lime and the velcro was shot. We used it once and it came apart and it fell off. Arggg! I just replaced the velcro tabs with a kit from Cotton Babies ($1) and it works like new! The others are a Goodmamma fitted and a lt blue Fuzzy Buzz. The FB is not my favorite diaper but it's good.

In his Smartipants. I really wanted to love this diaper but the leg holes were just too big even though Ethan's thighs are chunky. I sold it to buy something different.

Here are all of my post about our Cloth Diaper adventures.


Carly said...

That was a great post:) Love all the pictures of your lil man in his fluff!!

Ammie said...

Yes, great post. Great garage sale finds and cute diapers all around. What a cute boy, too.

It sounds like our diapers fit similarly. Kidoodle is in the biggest BG setting, and has been for over 6 months, and he can still wear medium Thirsties stuff. I'm so glad he isn't growing so very very quickly still!

GrapeApe said...

I don't have a clue about the diaper stuff, but I LOVE all the pics!

Brandy said...

great post. I love all the pictures. I love babies in cloth diapers - they just look cuter or something.

Michelle said...

I love the progression in size!!!! Great stash of diapers.

Kara said...

Now he is just scrumptious!!!! What a cutie pie!!


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