Monday, March 29, 2010

A Year of Cloth Diapering-Part 2 Plus a Giveaway on Thursday

Did I tell you how much I love my Tiny Tush Elite One Size diapers? Well, I do! They work just as well as those more popular brands but the company is family owned and operated. I Love supporting those types of businesses. It was our first pocket diaper with snaps and I love that they don't all stick together in the wash.

After reading many great reviews I finally bought Rockin Green Soap and fell in love!! Rockin Green just came out with their new "Hard Rock" version for hard water. I saved up my Pay Pal and bought a bag the day it went on sale. It's great! A must have for every Cloth Diapering Mama. In October we went on several long weekend trips and used Gdiapers loaned from a friend. We used disposable inserts on both trips and had a great experience. I have recently bought 4 to use on our trip to Folly Beach this summer.

I also had to have the new Flip diaper! The flip diapers are a cover and insert combo where you can just change the insert each time. I have 2 covers, blue and green, and 5 or 6 of the microfiber inserts. They are really trim but don't hold a lot. They tend to bunch up in the middle when he has them on for too long. If he poo's I have to change the whole set up so we only use these when we're hanging around the house.
I can keep him in only a diaper because he hasn't figured out how to un-snap them yet!

This was my second attempt to make recycled wool longies and I still haven't finished the waistband or lanalized them yet. Eli thinks they're too girly. My first attempt I fleted the sweater too long and had to make them into newborn longies because they shrunk so much!

Ethan got some money for his birthday so I bought him two diapers that I really wanted to try out. This one is a Happy Heinys One Size with Snaps. I can't wait for their new "Beta" Organic One Size to come out!

I have also recently won a yellow Happy Heiny's from Mama Dweeb! I don't have any pics of it, though.

This is a Rump-a-Rooz in Whales Tale, also a One Size Pocket. This diaper can go super small and starts to fit around 6lbs and fits up to 35lbs. I will be investing in a few of these for the next baby. I can't get away without mentioning my favorite place to buy Cloth Diapers: Abby's Lane. They have almost everything you could ask for to cloth diaper your baby. They have awesome customer service ( I really think Stephanie, the owner, is online all the time!) and FREE Shipping! If you sign up for their mailing list you get an email about once a week telling you all the great specials and new items. They even have a code to get 5% off just for getting the newsletter!

On April 2 I will be writing as part of the Cloth Diaper Carnival VII: Newborn Cloth Diapering. I didn't cloth diaper Ethan until he was two months old but I look forward to starting a birth the next time around!

Now for the good stuff: I will be doing my first official Review and Giveaway on Thursday April 1!!!! This little fitted number Ethan is modeling is a dream come true:) I can't wait to tell you all about it and one lucky winner will get one all their own!

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MommieV said...

I was intimidated by cloth diapering the first time around, and did it off and on at the beginning. I think the next time I'll be ready to go from the beginning too. I took cloth diapers with me to the hospital, but she was so tiny that not much fit her at first anyway.


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