Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wordless Wednesday:Trip to the Park or Why you should always carry a change of clothes after it rains.

Mud+Boy= Wet Pants
Mud+Mom forgot extra clothes=Boy in Snow Suit at park in Sand

No sock=They're drying in the Sun

Suit and Sock dry!!!

Good Times.


Michelle said...

beautiful sunny day, cute boy, who cares about wet clothes?

Anonymous said...

Cute!! Cute!! Cute!! Michelle is right! It was a beautiful day!!
Grandma JeeJee and Mom

Brandy said...

i love these pictures - he looks like he is having the best time!

Vicki said...

Oh...wet clothes....happy boy. Mud puddles and kids are a good combination most of the time.

Give him a hug from his grandma.


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