Friday, March 12, 2010

Kiddy Park-Party Fun!

Little Ethan and I went to his first Birthday Party!! Caroline turned one yesterday and we celebrated it at the local Kiddy Park. It was such fun!!

Ethan and Caroline, the Birthday Girl, enjoying a snack before the rides.

Airplanes!! All the Mommas were a bit nervous leaving our babies on the ride by themselves for the first time but every one survived!

These airplanes were powered by the propellers on the front. They were rather loud but most of the babies, including Ethan, made it through without crying.



Even Momma got to ride:)

First Pony ride!

We had a great time and I think it was a wonderful way to celebrate Caroline's First Birthday.


Ammie said...

Woohoo! (Or should I say, "Choo choo!"?) That looks so fun. Makes me wanna get OUTSIDE!

GrapeApe said...

You guys look like you were having a great time. Love his hat!

Vicki said...

Those first steps toward independence (riding in the airplane ride without Momma) are so cute!!! And they're always so much easier for the little one than for the Mom!

Melissa...great job on weight loss!!! You look GREAT!! Now I'm hoping to do the same!! I figure if I can lose 3#/week there'll be much less of me on our beach vacation...I've done it before, but it was about ten years ago. Let's see if I still can!

Brandy said...

that looks awesome! I want to take G somewhere like that now.


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