Monday, September 28, 2009

9 Months Old!!!

Here's Ethan all dressed up for Church this week. He got to go to the nursery for the first time! I wasn't going to leave him back there because I've never left him with anyone but family. Ethan had other plans when he saw all the toys and other kids to play with! They even had the same Leap Frog learn and play that he has at home!

He love "typing" on his keyboard. I had to cut the cord off of it because he kept chewing on it.

His new favorite thing to do is put this toy on his leg and kick!!

Ethan is 9 Months old today! WOW! I can't believe it has already been that long. He has learned lots of new things this month:
Sit up from his belly.
Almost getting to hands and knees from a sitting position.
Is taking baths with out his bath seat. What fun for mom and dad! Babies sure are slippery.
I think he is getting another top tooth!!

He has had his first cold. We have gone to the duck pond for the first time.

Next month is going to be very exciting for us all. We will be going to the Gulf Coast and the coast off of Oregon!!


Carly said...

They grow up way tooo fast. Congrats on 9 months

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures!! That shoe must be tasty! I'm glad he liked the church nursery. Sometimes it's hard (for you) to leave him at first, but if he loves it...that's a plus!! (Most of mine didn't, to put it mildly.)

When Eli (and probably some others) was little, he used to put canning jar rings around his arms like Ethan does that little toy on his leg...usually several.

Anonymous said...

Oops! No signature. That was from Vicki (Eli's mom, for other readers!)

Anonymous said...

I love to read Vicki's comments. I learn so much more about Eli and how he and Ethan are alike!
Melissa, too, use to put can rings around her arms and on her legs! They have so much in common!
I knew he would love the nursery, because he such a goooood baby!
ps Melissa, take care of yourself! Start taking Vit C.
I miss you guys!


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