Sunday, September 6, 2009

Score! Garage Sale Finds

Ethan and I went to 1 garage sale Friday morning because they were advertising lots of baby boy clothes and toys and they weren't opening up until 9am. Well, not so many clothes but look at all the toys we scored for $6.00!!!!!! Yes, that's right, $6.00!!!
2 Elmos' (one new)
Wiggles Guitar
Wiggles accordion (new in box)
Farmer book
fire truck (it doesn't make noise because they left the old batteries in it but I don't care, less noise!)
Halloween table cloth
2 baby toys
3 reusable grocery bags
Milo and Otis DVD
girls shirt/shorts/skirt pattern (new)

After a quick wash with the Lysol and $100 worth of AA batteries (jk) it was time to play! But how do you sanitize stuffed animals? I had to get these 2 elmo's. The one moves but I don't know what type of batteries it takes and the battery cover is missing. Maybe Eli can figure it out.
I got there while they were still setting things up. The lady really wanted to get rid of everything and nothing had prices on it. So I just made a pile of the stuff I wanted and she told me a price (6.00!!). I had to keep from smiling as she helped me to the car with my loot! As I drove away, I really felt like I had just robbed her! There were some other things there that I wanted but Ethan really didn't need them because they were almost duplicates of what he already had. I almost bought them cheap just so I could re sell them at a higher price. But I thought, No, I should let someone else have the joy of a good find!


AMother'sEarth said...

WOW, you made at awesome!!! I LOVE garage/yard sales!!! So does my little guy, because he always makes out like a bandit!

Anonymous said...

What a find!!!!! Ethan will have lots of things to play with and bring to JeeJee's!!!

Vicki Meyer said...

Looks like fun!

I think Lysol spray is enough for stuffed animals myself. If you want to do better and have one of those little handheld upholstery steam cleaners, you can use Lysol in it instead of the recommended cleaner and steam clean it with that.

He looks thrilled with the new things to do. You're a smart thrifty mama.

Love, Vicki/Grandma


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