Thursday, September 24, 2009

Curtains for Grandma

My Grandma recently got new carpet through out her house. Grandpa Scotty also had the walls in the living room painted and built a beautiful new mantel piece. So to finish off her new room she said she had always wanted pink organdy curtains. She said her Aunt that she would visit when she was young had some and she loved them. So Mom and I got on ebay and found some pink organdy from India! I made sure to talk to Grandma and create them just the way she wanted them. Here's what she had:

And here are the new Pink Organdy:They really brighten up the room. And best of all Grandma loves them! I put a thick ruffle across the top to give it that "girly" feel. The pink is just right; not too pepto!
This is the mantel Scotty made for her. Isn't it beautiful? And the wall behind it is a light, almost pink. It goes great with the new curtains!


Carly said...

Very nice. So sweet to do that for your Grandmother

AMother'sEarth said...

Great job on the curtains! That mantel is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful! I know your grandmother loves them!


Anonymous said...

That's my girl!!!!

Kathy said...

They look great...I saw them "in person"! Thank-you for doing it.


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