Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petting Zoo- Snake Farm

As promised, here are pics of the petting zoo inside the Snake Farm. You can't really tell but Ethan LOVED all the animals. He just laughed and laughed. He would reach out his hand and tried to touch all the animals. He was successful for the most part. We did keep his hand out of the mouth and behind areas!These Birds weren't in the petting zoo but I did not include them with the last post and I thought they were pretty.Same with this lama (I think?). She had the prettiest eyes and long eyelashes!
What???? I think this is a ROUS.

And I really think this is a cross between a rabbit and a Jack Russell Terrier! Or maybe a Rat Terrier? Yes, I think he put his hand in his mouth after touching the animals.

We did not touch this! (Is he doing what I think he's doing? say to yourself. I'll answer you: Yes. And I took a picture of it.)

This goat loved Ethan! And Ethan laughed at it every time it came around.

Here Eli is trying to show Ethan the pigs in the mud but the goat really wanted their attention.

Okay Goat, I'll pet you!

Here was my favorite part: All the mamma's to be and......

The mamma's with their new little ones:

How cute are they???? Oh, I wanted to have a new baby right there in the barn!

These piglets were so little and newborn they didn't even have their eyes open! So sweet. And the best thing: They are breastfed!!!

I didn't get a pic of the Huge Sheep that tore my bag of food open as soon as we walked into the fence! Oh, well. Again, we had a great time and will most likely go back every year.


Brandy said...

that looks like so much fun!!!

Melissa said...

I have driven by The Snake Farm more times than I can remember through the years and I had no idea there was a petting zoo there! Have you ever been to the Wildlife Ranch? It is pretty cool and has a petting zoo also.


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