Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Tuesday (It is Tuesday, Right?)

On Friday the baby had a runny nose. His first. He seemed to be feeling okay so I put him to bed with some Motrin and we had a terrible night. He woke up so many times! The next night he was much better but it was mine and Eli's turn to get sick. Really sick! Don't worry, it's just a cold, but it's one of those colds that when you wake up in the middle of the night, you feel like you have been hit by a truck. I've never been hit by a truck but I know this is how it would feel!

Eli has stayed home from work the last 2 days so we can all recover together. When I say "Eli has stayed home from work" what I really mean is Eli is "working from home"! The man never quits. He has really helped me with the baby so I could rest and recover.

It started raining last night around 3am and hasn't stopped! We need it so bad. It rained the whole time I was in Oklahoma but it still wasn't enough to get us out of the extreme drought we are in. Hopefully this will. It sure is making our grass green!

Speaking of rain, have I told you I am cursed when it comes to cars and rain?

I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years and while I was there my Sunfire started doing something really strange. When it would rain, it would not start! After the rain would stop and the sun would come out, it would start right up. I took it to the mechanic and he said he didn't see anything wrong with it so he needed to see it during the rain (I don't think he believed me!) So the next time it rained I called and he sent a tow truck, costing me $100 (this was before I had AAA. Helpful hint: get AAA. It's cheaper.) When the car got to him it started right up! He said he would try a few things out and see if we couldn't figure out the problem. Apparently there are some computer chips that are connected to the starter. He changed these and the next time it rained it started right up! I guess they were getting wet, shorting out and not allowing the car to start. Problem solved! I still get a tight feeling in the pit of my stomach every time it starts to rain......


Remember I got a new (2007 Pontiac Vibe) car? Remember the curse?

While in Oklahoma 2 weeks ago I had my first experience with rain+new car. After it had rained for awhile and I had been driving around town, I came home and found the passenger side floorboard both in front and back seats were wet! Now, it's not coming from the window or the door because the carpet that goes up the side is not wet. And the carpet between the front seat and the back seat, under the seat, is not wet. We were thinking that the water was coming from under the car. There are plugs in the bottom of the car (why? I don't know) and my dad thought they might not be in tight enough. We took them out and let the carpet dry out. We put them back in and put some sealant on them to make them waterproof. Problem solved? Not quite.

I got into my car this morning and looked before I even started the car. I found a very wet front and back floorboard!

So I head over to Swagbucks to do a quick search to see if anyone else is having this problem. I found MANY people are having this same problem! Here was an answer I found:

"because your ovberflow or condenture tube is clogged
remove it and just blow it out with air" (spelling not changed!)

" Your heater coil is most likely leaking. The heater coil is on the passenger side of the car just behind the dashboard/glove compartment. If it has a bad enough leak, the water could go all the way back to the back seat area.
Check the coolant level in your car as soon as possible or you might damage the engine."

So many different solutions but none that happen just when it rains. Eli says we should wait until it's not raining before we start our investigation. If anyone has any ideas please let me know!

Eli and I gave Ethan a bath together the other night. We were both sitting on the floor leaning back against the wall where we could still see the top half of Ethan but not the bottom half. Eli later tells me he heard Ethan making some farting noises but when he looked he didn't see anything. Can you tell where this is going? After we sat there talking for awhile Eli gets up to start washing the little boy. He says very calmly "Ethan has pooped in the bath." What!!! He has never done this. Even when he was very little. So Eli got the baby out and cleaned him up while I cleaned the bath tub. I was able to use the poop sprayer to help me with the job. What fun!!! We laughed about it even while it was happening. And, of course, I had to get a pic.

I'm always so thankful when my husband fixes things! He updated my computer so it runs so much faster now and he fixed the garbage disposal. Love him.

I watched "Hoarders" on A&E last night for the first time. Is it just me or does that show make you want to get up and clean your house? I do have to admit, I am some what of a hoarder myself. I tend to keep things that other people might get rid of. Old love letters, mementos of my childhood, empty jars I might do some craft project someday. Oh, and I have a problem with buying cheap, cute fabric remnants from Walmart.

But, as I told Eli last night, there are two things that are different between me and those people on the show:

1. My stuff is more organized. I keep all my fabric in plastic containers separated by colors.

2. I throw away trash.

And as for the old love letters, I found them as I was going through all the containers my parents brought me full of stuff from my childhood. I told my husband that I still had them and didn't know why I held on to them. He said in all his wisdom: I got rid of stuff like that when the relationship was over. I just don't see the point in holding on to the past. How right he is. I threw them all in the trash along with a lot of crap I didn't need or even know I still had. It feels really good and "cleansing" to get rid of stuff you have been hanging on to for so many years.

Sorry my randomness was so long. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

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