Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Randall's Deals

I first have to say a BIG "Thank You" to Melissa @ Melissa's Bargain blog for all the great advice she gave me and answering my many questions! If you are interested in saving $ on everything from food to toys check out her blog. It's packed full of tips and hints on saving by using coupons combined with sales to save the most.

On my trip to Randall's tonight I spent $39.14. I saved $34 with my Remarkable card and 7.40 with coupons. That's 53% savings!
I avoided shopping at Randall's because of the distance it was from my house and the higher prices. But with Melissa's help, I have learned it can be a lot cheaper and worth the drive!

Here's what I bought:
12 Gerber 2nd foods (for our trips in October)-$11.96-On sale $1/1 (not sure how I got one for .96?)
6 Campbell's soup(chicken noodle and tomato)-$2.2-On sale for $1/1, doubled coupon .40
2 packs Oscar Meyer bacon-$4.5-On sale $2/6, coupon 1.50
12 pork chops-10.65-On sale $1.99/lb
2 bags Fresh Express Salad-$2.49- On sale BOGO, coupon 1
2.73lbs of Bananas-$1.34-.49/1lb-Not on sale but a good price and we needed some!

This next deal took me awhile to figure out how I was going to do it. Take a look at what Melissa did here. You can also see my very long conversation with her while I tried to figure out what I was doing! Melissa was very kind and helpful.

This was a mixture between Natures Valley granola bars, Cereal and Betty crocker fruit snacks. I choose to focus only on the granola bars and cereal because we don't eat fruit snacks (we would eat them so I don't keep them in the house!) You could buy a mixture of these products 4/$6. This is a good deal in itself but add some coupons onto it and it becomes an awesome deal!

4 boxes of NV granola bars-Started at 3.49 each + .79 card savings=2.50 + 4 IP (internet printed) .40/1, + 2 loadable(off Randall's web site directly to your card) .40/1 (I think I got 1 extra .40 off because the guy ringing me up tried to tell me I couldn't use one coupon per product. I said "Yes, I can" and he said he didn't have time, that he would get in trouble and just started ringing in the coupons without counting! I have worked in retail long enough (10+ years) to know he will not get in trouble as long as he does what's right for the customer and my coupon said one per item and I had 4 and was buying 4.)

1 box of Cin Crunch Cereal-Started at 3.49 + .99 card savings=2.50 + 1 IP .55 + 1 loadable .55

1 box of Trix -Started at 3.49 + .99 card savings=2.50 + 1 IP .55+ 1 loadable .55

2 boxes of Cheerios- Started at 6.98 + 1.98 card savings= 5 + 1 clipped $1/2

Then they take off $4 for every 4 items you buy.

So without you having to grab a calculator I let you know what I paid for all this- $6!!!

And after all this I got some coupons from Randall's for free Capri Suns the next time I shop!

Yes, this takes some time to plan and figure out what and how you are going to shop. But I like this because it keeps me from impulse shopping! And that in itself saves money! I've been working to learn this "game" for awhile now and learn something new every day. I shop mostly at Target because you can use a target coupon + a manufactures coupon to save even more. But after today I will be looking at Randall's a lot closer!


Brandy said...

wow - that's so awesome. I'm so intimidated by the coupon game.

Melissa said...

I was too. In fact, I still am! It really helps to be ready before you leave the house. You know exactly what you're getting and what coupons go with it. But it's worth it!

Melissa said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I'm so glad you had a good trip! They have a new promotion this week where you get an instant $4 off when you buy partipating soups. I'm hoping to work out some scenarios later today! Plus, Cellfire just put up new coupons!


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