Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dear Mr Cowboy,

I understand you have a dream. I, too, have had dreams.
I hope your dreams come true, soon.

I do enjoy your music during the day.
Sometimes my little boy and I even dance to your songs. When they are good.
Like when you play Johnny Cash or Garth Brooks.
But occasionally you play crap. Or the same tune, over and over again.
I'm sure you wrote those yourself.

And why can I hear you so clearly?
You live across the street and 3 houses down.
You play inside your "studio" aka your garage with the door shut.
I am sooo glad I don't live next door to you.
We would have moved by now.

When do you work? When do you sleep? You seem to rehearse all the time.
We're talking 6am here!
But thank you for stopping before 10pm. Because if you went past 10:01 I would call the cops. I know the law.

My husband says it could be worse; At least it's country music.
So true.

I hope when you make it big you: first move to a new neighborhood and: remember the people who listened to you rehearse day after day and at least send us some free concert tickets.

Good luck to you and we'll hear you in the morning.

Your neighbor,


Carly said...

Too Funny LoL

Anonymous said...

Well, if hard work is the key to success, he should be in Nashville soon and out of your neighborhood!!

Now, if I could just find a similar destination for the guy who drives down our quiet country road with his bass so loud you can hear it IN WINTER!! Read: HIS windows are closed (I assume) and ours are too. And you can hear him for about 1/4 mile, too. My only consolation??? is that he will lose his hearing before too long.



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