Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ethan Lukas 2 1/2 (30 months)

Our sweet boy is 2 1/2! 

Oh, how happy you make us and how we love you so!

He loves to run, jump, swing and slide. He love playing in the water and bubbles. He loves baths but NOT getting his hair washed or washing his ears.

We have discovered his love for tomatoes! He loves his red pillow with the frogs (but will only sleep on the red side), his light green blanket and his koala bear. He carries his LeapTop with him every where. He can count to 10 on his fingers, knows all his letters and will hold up 2 fingers when asked "How old are you?". He loves his little sister. 

At 30 Months:
Weight- 30lbs 
Height- 34.5in
Head- 49.6cm

My first born.

1 comment:

Brandy@YDK said...

what a fun post. he sounds like he has a lot of personality.


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