Friday, June 24, 2011

Lily Dawn 5 Months Old

Miss Lily Dawn is 5 months old! (6/11/11)
She is the sweetest little girl. 
As long as we keep up with her nap schedule and bed time, that is. 
And as long as she gets to nurse whenever she wants. 

Just like Big Brother, she loves music and loves for me to sing to her. She is more then ever fascinated with Ethan and lights up when he comes into the room. She is almost always grinning and will laugh out loud when I tickle her belly. Her favorite sound is to see how loud and high pitched she can get her voice to go. She doesn't like to have on socks and shoes. She will kick at them until she gets them off. She won't sit in anything but the walker. No Bumbo, kick-n-play, or swing. She would rather be on the floor rolling around and playing with her brother. Or being held by Mom or Dad. She will lay in her crib with the mobile on for a little bit. 
I'm not sure what she weighs but she is still in 6/9 month clothes. They are a bit tight when she has her cloth diapers on. We are using a mix between cloth diapers (second snap for one size) and size 3 disposables. Sometime I just don't feel like washing diapers :(
See the tooth?

At the end of the month we started her on solid food. Just like Ethan, we started with avocados and bananas. The first few times she was confused but quickly got the hang of it. Sweet Potatoes are next. She started getting her first tooth (bottom front right) on June 11! She has started getting up on her hands and knees and trying to push herself forward. I don't remember Ethan ever doing that. He did his "crab crawl"!


Brandy@YDK said...

great pictures. she's so fluffy.

Anonymous said...

So cute! The bottom picture looks like you when you were little!


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