Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekly Weigh In

Starting Weight: 185.6
10% Goal by June: 19lbs total
Current Weight: 169.6
+/- since my last post: -1.4
+/- Total: -16

Well, I'm back. I haven't been doing much "watching what I eat". I've gained and lost, gained and lost over the last month and thankfully I'm on the losing side for my total. I'm looking at joining a gym next month. They have a pretty good deal going on and I think I can get out of the house after the kids go to bed. I can even take them with me if I like the day care center. I really want to get these last 25lbs off!

My new goal: down to 165 by end of July. It's back to chicken every meal!!!!

I did just make 2 pies so maybe I'll start on Monday????


Brandy@YDK said...

16 pounds is awesome.

Kerri said...

very about the pies

Cerise said...

You are doing great! You can totally make that goal by the end of July!! Good luck!!

Zookeeper Jess said...

16 is awesome! keep up the good work!


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