Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ethan's First "Real" Haircut

I have cut Ethan's hair before but it was never very much at a time. I have not cut it since before Lily was born and she is 5 months! It was long over due. I really liked his hair long but I could tell it was starting to bother him.
Here he is before:

Here he is now:

It was really hard to get him to sit still to cut it even with Eli's help. I put on some music and we sang and danced while I cut a bit here and there. It's a little wonky in a few places but it will do!

It's taken me a few days to get use to it but he seems happy that it's not in his face anymore. It's nice and cool for our HOT Texas summer. 


Colleen formerly of South Africa said...

Sute new do!

Vicki said...

He looks so cute!! Tell him Grandma likes it even if he did have to sit too still for it!!

Anonymous said...

Ok! I have to admit it is cute! I still like it long, except for the bangs. I'm glad Eli was able to help you! Tell Eli Happy Father's Day!

Brandy@YDK said...

looks adorable!!


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