Tuesday, July 12, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 13 and 14

I worked out on Saturday, skipped Sunday and Monday and was back at it today (Tuesday). I really don't want to skip 2 days in a row again. It was tough today.

My knee is feeling better but I could feel the strain on it today. The top of my right foot is feeling better because I changed shoes. I'm sure my shoe was rubbing it wrong.

My mom brought me her hand weights (thanks mom!). I used the 1.5 lb ones today. Big difference from the 14.5 oz cans I was using ;)

I did sneak a weigh in this morning and have lost 3lbs! But it doesn't count until I weigh Thursday on my official weigh in day. But it give me hope.

I'm thinking about mixing it up and adding in a different DVD exercise. Maybe some kind of dance or Zumba? What do you think? The only problem is I can't find a single DVD of Zumba. They only sell a big $50-100 sets.

Any great work out DVD's that you love?

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