Saturday, July 2, 2011

Potty "Learning" Day 1

I waited till after I did my Shred and had my coffee before I told Ethan he was going pants free all day. He was not amused.

He kept pointing to the diapers wanting me to put one on him. Then he laid down on the foot stool where we change him and would not get up. Nor would he wear a shirt. So he was naked all morning.

He peed on the floor a few time and I rushed him to the potty saying "Pee Pee goes in the potty. Yea, Ethan pee pee in the potty!!" No pee ever actually made it into the potty.

Then we would clean it up.

The first few times he looked at me like I was crazy and would jump up as soon as I put him on it. Then he looked down at himself and I asked him "Do you need to pee pee? Pee Pee on the potty!" So he sat down on it all on his own! And read the back of Willy Wonka DVD.

He sat there for quite awhile but never did anything. We went about an hour with nothing. Then it was time to put Lily down for her nap. I told him "If you have to pee pee get on the potty!".

As I nursed Lily to sleep I hear him yelling in the living room. He didn't make it to the potty. So we cleaned it up.

After lunch I see him thinking really hard about something. As soon as I knew it was coming I saw it, jumped up saying "Poo Poo on the potty!!!!!!!", pulled the potty toward us and tossed him onto it. We didn't make it.

I did a lot of laundry, lots of towels and sheets. Thankfully I had put cheap shower curtains under the sheets.

There was lots of dancing around the wet pee pee.

I let him go outside naked after that. He then came in and I put him down for his nap in a diaper.

After a few hours in a diaper he had peed so much! I guess he was holding it all in until the diaper went back on.

The rest of the afternoon was a blur of peeing and running to the potty and cleaning it up. I think he can hold it because I saw him peeing just a little so I put him on the potty and nothing. Then a few minuets later he peed again on the floor.

Eli came home for work about an hour before it was time for Ethan to go to bed. As soon as he got home Ethan started peeing and Eli ran him to the potty. That was the only time all day he got pee in the potty.

Here's hoping day 2 goes a bit better and Ethan get's the idea.


Juliana said...

Good Luck with this! I am so not looking forward to this day!

Anonymous said...

I read the 2nd day training first. Then I read this and laughed and laughed through the whole thing!!! You must print this, along with the pictures and put it in his book!!! It is hilarous!! I know at the time you were not laughing, but oh, you must go back and read this!!!! Love it!!


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