Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh In- 30 Day Shred- Day 17

I did Level 2 today and I'm so glad I did! Level 1 was getting "easy". This was the first time I did Level 2 with the weights vs the cans. Big difference.

Starting Weight: 185.6
10% Goal by July 28: 165
Current Weight:164
+/- Week: -2.6
+/- Total: -21.6!!!!

I haven't been counting my points but I seem to be doing okay. I've been keeping my self busy by sewing so I haven't been snacking as much.

We have a play date at the mall so I have to make this short. 

Hope you had a great week!

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Corinne said...


Crazy Me said...

Great job! Keep up the good work!

Cerise said...

That is awesome! You are my hero, 30 Day Shred really terrifies me. I really need to try it again.
Just checked your shop, you make such beautiful dresses!! Wish I had a little girl!!

Brandy@YDK said...

20 pounds already! You are a rockstar

Zookeeper Jess said...

21 pounds! You rock!


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