Friday, July 22, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 18

I did Level 2 AGAIN today!! I can fell it in my arms. The weights really help (thanks mom).

The only reason I got up and did it is because I knew I had to post on my blog. Thanks for making me accountable.

 Level 2 is not as intense as Level 1 but has more strength to it. I can really fell it in my arms. Or maybe I'm just in better shape then I was a few weeks ago.

I still can't stand looking at Jillian while doing the work out. Her top is really too low cut. You would think she would know her target audience ( middle aged, overweight, busy women) would not really want to look at her cleavage while almost passing out trying to get in shape. Please cover up, Jillian.


Crazy Me said...

I think that's why I liked the Cardio Max better because I like Bob! Jillian gets on my nerves!

Anonymous said...

Good job, baby! Keep up the good work!!


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