Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WW- Recycling- Start them early!

Little Ethan is getting the hang of recycling! We have 2 trash cans in our kitchen: one with a bag for trash and one without a bag for recycling.

I found a paper stencil at Joann's for 50c and used a green sharpie to trace it on the can. Isn't it great! I can't wait to use the rest of the stencils in different projects.

Ethan seems to know what can and can't be recycled. He gets mad when I try to throw something away that should be recycled. He even knows it should be rinsed out before going in the can! Just goes to show you how little eyes are watching everything we do.


Meryl said...

Cute photo and great idea. Starting good habits early is really important.

Anonymous said...

Our Boy!! isn't he soooo smart!

Vicki said...

Monkey see, monkey do. And he's a smart monkey!



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