Sunday, July 3, 2011

Potty "Learning" Day 2

Eli was with Ethan for the whole morning so he did the running back and forth to the potty. I took the afternoon shift.

He only peed in the potty once and that was because he was using it as a chair to watch Willy Wonka.

He pooped a tiny bit while I was feeding Lily her squash. Then he pooped in the bath tub.

Every time I ask him if he needs to pee pee on the potty he yells.

I think we will go with a different approach. We will put him on the potty when ever he is naked: first thing in the morning, diaper changes, before bath. Then once a week or so we can have pants free day.

Maybe he will be potty trained by college.


Anonymous said...

I have been dying to call, but didn't! I was so hoping it would work, but as you have already found out with Ethan, some things work for some kids and don't for others!! He'll get it in time. Thank you for being patient with him.

Anonymous said...

why not:)


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