Wednesday, July 20, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 16-Tuesday

I missed Four days!!! How did that happen???? Friday I met mom to pick up Ethan, who knows what I was doing on Saturday (being lazy) Sunday was church (again lazy for not getting up early enough) Monday I had to take my car in early to have the brakes fixed. I finally got around to working out yesterday (Tuesday).

Today was again a no go. I really enjoy the work out. It's just hard to get up, get dressed and do it.

Tomorrow is another day.

I have 11 days before we leave to visit my sister. If I hanker down and get all 11 in I can make it up to 27- that's pretty close to 30.

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Crazy Me said...

That happens sometimes! I haven't worked out since monday and even then it was just a short swim that I really don't count so the workout was from the week before...I hate when I get out of the habit. Why is it so hard to get into it and so easy to get out of it! AGH!


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