Thursday, July 2, 2009

6 Month Checkup and Shots

Today was Ethan's 6 month check up. He is perfect, of course! He is weighing in at 16lbs 8.8oz(30%)!! He is 25 1/2 (25%) in height with a 43.7 cm (45%) head. She said he is growing well. She said we should think about moving him to his own bed. It is easier now then it will be at 9 months or 1 year. It makes me sad to think about not sleeping with him but I know it will be best for all of us. Oh, and JeeJee, he can now have as much water as he wants!

If you enlarge this pic you can see his teeth really well! We got our first toothbrush yesterday and brushed our teeth last night after our bath. Well, he mostly just chewed on it but I did get some brushing in! It has tigger on it and we sing the tigger song when it's time to brush.


Brandy said...

so cute. we still have grayson still in bed with us. ya - it's gonna be a hard road.

Novia said...

Aww. So adorable. My dd checked out to be 18 lbs 8 oz and 28 inches at her 6 mo. I must produce nothing but cream from these boobs!

What is it with LO's a remote controls lately. Did I miss this epidemic? LOL.


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