Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7 Months Old

Today Ethan is 7 months old! Here are some things he is doing:

Sitting up on his own.

Watching Winnie the Poo all the way through.

Chewing on everything he can get a hold of.

"Creeping" that's what the baby book calls it. He mostly goes backward. He can creep on his belly and his back. When I put him in his crib at night I never know where he will end up!

Sleeping through the night in his own bed. Sometimes 9 or 12 hours straight without waking to eat. He might wake but will put himself back to sleep within a few minutes.
Taking 3 naps a day, most days.
He is starting to sleep on his belly. When I put him down in his crib he will grab his blankie, roll over and go to sleep.
Eating 3 "meals" a day.
I am starting him on some finger foods this week. I don't want him to get too use to me feeding him!


Brandy said...

he's so squishy. love it.

Anonymous said...

He is soooo smart! Grandpa Scotty says he is going to be a camera person! He says he will run through the house and when he sees a camera, he will stop and smile!

Fairlight said...

Yay! Happy (belated) seven-month-birthday, Ethan! Love that toothy grin.:-)

Anonymous said...

I got your comment, I dont know how to write back. I got the ruffle by using an overcast foot on my machine with a zig zag stich really close together. I have found that some fabrics really ruffle like on the one I made with the Argyle print and some just ruffle a little. The regular sock fabrics tends to ruffle alot on the second pass.


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