Monday, July 13, 2009

Monkey Diaper and Smartipants

Last week I got new Dipes!!! (Shocking, I know)
I participated in a GDE (great diaper exchange) on my baby board. We each got paired with another mama (secret) and sent her 1 diaper we love or wanted to try. We then left clues so she could guess who we were. It was fun and it took my mama a few clues to guess me and took me a few to guess who I had. My mama who had me sent me this:
It is a fitted, which means it has to have a cover if you want it to stay on for a while with out wicking out. I love the monkey print and it is so soft. I let him wear it around the house with out a cover because it is so cute and absorbent. It is one she made herself and will soon be selling in her esty shop . Ethan was only the second bum to wear one!

Here's Ethan in his new smartipants! I only bought 1 because I have been reading mixed reviews. The legs do gap a bit but I tend to change him before anything leaks out. It is a one size so it adjusts on the front like the BGs but has snaps instead of Velcro. I have tried it on the small setting, on the med setting with the waist tighter, and nothing helps make the leg holes tighter. I think I will keep using it and see if he grows into it. I wish it fit him better. It's so cute! Oh, and the liner comes out of the pocket in the wash so I don't have to pull it out while it's poopy. Great feature. I am looking at some others that do the same but don't have the leg problems.

I'm still waiting on my sassycloth AIO pocket, 2 fitted and 1 cover. I also have 2 used coming- one size FB (fuzzibunz) that I've never used before and 1 BG in green, just like the white ones I have already.

And the most exciting one of all.........A spellbound Goodmama!!! This one I have been looking at for a while. Goodmamas are fitted one size that are very absorbent and very popular. They can go up to and past $30 each. Well, I'm not paying that for something my baby poops in no matter how cute it is. But this one I had to have for the opening of HBP. I finally found it used for a good price and jumped on it! It should be here before we go see the movie on THURSDAY!!!!! I'm also making Ethan a shirt with HP on it.

Now you ask: With all this buying are you still saving money? The answer is "YES"!! I only buy when I have "extra" money from things other then paycheck money. And I buy most in very good used condition and that cuts the cost. Plus, unlike disposables, I can use them with the next baby or 2;)


Brandy said...

what an adorable monkey butt.

Heather said...

Thanks for the shout out Melissa! Ethan is so stinking cute!
After you wash a few times, it should be good for a couple hours. I leave Jackson in his for his nap with no cover and they are barely damp in the front. I hope you enjoy!


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