Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Highchair Vent

I have started looking for Ethan a highchair and I am awed at the high cost. Some of these prices are outrageous!!! I would expect to pay $178.44 for, lets say, a car seat that might one day save my son's life. But for something he sits in to eat, spit up on and smush food into?? Come on.

I know there is a safety reason for all those features like the 5-point harness and the locking wheels. But does it really need to recline into 3 positions? Who feeds their baby solid food lying down? And does it really need an infant head support? If your baby can't hold their head up you shouldn't be feeding him/her solid food or sitting up anyway. There is also the rolling and locking wheels because my house is big enough to actually move the highchair somewhere else!

So take away all that stuff you don't need and what do you have? The one that cost $35 and works just as well, I'm sure. If you disagree with me you are welcome to buy us the $178.44 one. Just email me and I will send you our address!!!

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