Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What I wish I knew......

When I bought my first cloth diapers before Ethan was born I didn't know how many great options there were. I bought 15 BG 3.0 in white. I thought I could keep them cleaner if they were all white. Don't get me wrong, I love my BG's. But there are so many great diapers that I would love to get my hands on! And so many colors and prints that I just can't wait to see on my little guy. I also love snaps because the velcro tends to wear out very quickly even if you line dry your covers. I tried prefolds and still use them from time to time but like fitteds much better.

Over all I wish I would have bought a lot of different styles to try in the beginning. But it is fun now to tryout all the different types in search of the perfect stash!

Now my stash is:
10 white BG 3.0
1 green BG 3.0 (used)
1 blue FB one size (used)
1 cleaver clover smartipants
2 Tiny Tush Elite one size yellow (second)
1 Tiny Tush Elite one size butter (second)
1 Goodmama fitted spellbound
1 Bubbylicious Creations monkey face (Heather-that's what I named it!)
4 Tiny Birds Organic cotton prefolds
Countless # of Gerber prefolds (I like them! I just have to change him more often)
4 bummis covers S (put up for next baby)
2 thirsties covers S
1 thirsties cover M
1 mudshrimps cover w/ pears
1 Winkydinks fleece cover

I can't get the link to show, but if you go to dirtydiaperlaundry.com you can read all the post!


Denise said...

Adorable!!! I just love his fleece cover!!!

Brandy said...

he looks so flippin cute in his diapers!! that's great that you cloth diaper.

Upstatemomof3 said...

I agree - a variety in your stash is a must!! I also wish I knew both of my babies would be girls so I could have gotten lots of pretty girly colors/prints.

Ammie said...

What an adorable chunk Ethan is! He is SO cute. Yes, I love all the prints, too. Strangely, while I have several bright colored diapers, I only have a few printed ones. I'm tickled to see Tiny Tushes in your stash, too, as their cotton one-size diaper is our favorite!

Jess said...

Variety is a must & snaps are a must in my house since R undoes his aplix! He's a cutie!


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